We stand behind the quality of our flowers and want them to delight you on your wedding day. However, we are working with a natural product, so it is important to have the correct expectations before you place an order:

Flower kits will have some damaged flowers

This is completely normal. Stems may be broken or petals may be bruised. This is standard practice in the flower industry and we send you extra stems in each kit to make up for a few damaged ones.

Flowers will look closed, tired and thirsty on arrival

Flowers are cut on our farms before they open fully so that they are in full bloom on your wedding day. When they arrive at your door, they will look closed, tired and thirsty after their journey to your door. If you follow our hydration instructions, they will perk up and the petals will continue to open, leaving flowers looking fresh and full.


We have chosen flowers that are usually available all year round for our collections. However, as we are working with a natural product there may be times where a particular flower is off crop or in limited supply. In the event that a particular flower is unavailable, we will replace it with another flower of similar color and price. Substitutions are made as a last resort only. 

Color Variance

We have chosen flowers that are usually color consistent for our collections. However, as flowers are a natural product and the color vibrance depends on the amount of sun received during growth, there may be some color variation. As such, we cannot guarantee exact flower color.