How it Works

1. Browse Collections

We have a number of different collections to choose from. Choose the collection that will best match your wedding theme, colour scheme and venue.

2. Choose Package Size

We have four different package sizes to choose from. Intimate packages will provide enough flowers to make a bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaids bouquets and 10 boutonnieres. The small package allows for a bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaids bouquets, 10 boutonnieres and 5 table centrepieces. The medium package makes a bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaids bouquets, 10 boutonnieres and 10 table centrepieces. The large package makes a bridal bouquet, 7 bridesmaids bouquets, 10 boutonnieres and 12 table centrepieces. Pricing varies according to the flowers in each package.

3. Place Order

During the payment process you can choose what date the flowers will be delivered to your door. We recommend having the flowers delivered 3 days before your wedding date. This allows time for the blooms to fully open and be arranged.

4. Buy other Materials

There are a number of tools required to make the bouquets. You can find many of these tools in our 'assembly kit' or purchase them individually.

In addition to the assembly kit, you will need to purchase 5 gallon buckets to hydrate the flowers when they arrive. We recommend 4-8 buckets. If you have chosen a small, medium or large package, you will also need to purchase the appropriate number of vases. Our table centrepieces are designed to fit 6" diameter vases.

Finally, you may want to purchase ribbon if it's something you want to add to the bouquet.

5. Flower Delivery (Day 1)

The flowers will be shipped overnight priority and delivered to your door by 10.30am on the delivery date you have selected. You will need to be there to receive them and sign a delivery docket as flowers cannot be left on a doorstep. 

6. Flower Hydration (Day 1)

Flowers will need to be re-hydrated immediately on arrival. Remove all packaging except cardboard packaging around roses (their heads will begin to drop if the packaging is removed before they are fully hydrated).

Fill the 5 gallon buckets with 4-6 inches of clean, room temperature water. Cut the the stems at a 45 degree angle about 1/2 inch from the base. Immediately place the flowers in the buckets of water, ensuring buckets are not overcrowded. Leave to hydrate for 12-24 hours. The remaining cardboard packaging around the roses will need to be removed after 6-8 hours, so they have space to bloom.

7. Flower Preparation (Day 2)

Using the stem stripper, remove excess foliage from the flower stems. Remove outer guard petals (exterior discoloured/bruised petals) from the roses. It is normal to remove 3-5 outer petals per bloom. Set aside the best blooms for the bridal bouquet.

8. Flower Arranging (Day 2)

Gather the required stems for the bridesmaid bouquets. Start by picking the 2 largest primary flowers and arranging their stems in an 'X' position. The blooms should be in a tilted position, not facing straight up. Continue to add primary/secondary flowers and foliage, one stem at a time, at an angle around the bunch of stems. Once the bunch is formed, adjust stray stems as necessary and secure the stems using twine. Trim each stem at an angle, to make the bouquet the desired height. Store the bouquets in clean, room temperature water.

The table centrepieces are the next items to be prepared. Ensure that the vases are clean and 2/3rds full of clean, room temperature water. Using the floral tape, line the mouth of the vase vertically and horizontally creating a grid. Floral tape pieces should be spaced approximately one inch apart. Selecting 2 large primary flowers, trim the stems at an angle and place in the centre of the grid. Continue to add primary/secondary flowers and foliage into the grid, trimming each stem at an angle. Store table centrepieces in a cool, dark area and replenish water if needed.

9. Flower Arranging (Day 3)

The Bridal Bouquet and Boutonnières should be arranged the day before the wedding. The bridal bouquet is arranged in the same way as the bridesmaids bouquets. Two primary flowers are arranged in an 'X' position, with their blooms tilted. Additional flowers and foliage are added to the bunch, at an angle. Adjust stray stems and secure the bunch using twine. Store the bouquet in clean, room temperature water.

Gather the blooms and foliage for the boutonnières. Using the foliage as a base, bunch the stems together and wrap tightly with twine. Store the boutonnières in the fridge overnight.

Note: Flower preparation and arranging (days 2 and 3) can be compressed into one day. We prefer to spread the workload over 2 days to make the process as easy as possible.

10. Wedding Day (Day 4)

Have a wonderful wedding day with your very own hand tied flowers!