What should I expect?

We have designed easy to assemble packages of wedding flowers. Browse our collections and select the appropriate size flower package for your wedding and select the date of delivery. We recommend having the flowers delivered three days before your wedding, allowing time for the blooms to open and the arrangements to be made. We also offer assembly kits* providing you with many the tools required to make the arrangements.

*Note that you will still need to purchase 5 gallon buckets for flower storage and vases (if you are doing table centrepieces).

I'm new to flower arranging - can I do this?

All of our flower packages have been designed so they are easy to assemble. You do not need to be a professional florist or have experience with flower arranging but you will need to allocate time to arrange the flowers before your wedding. Please look at the How it Works section of our website to get a sense of what's involved.

Can I customise a collection?

We're working to bring you more collections to choose from, but at the moment we are only able to offer the collections listed on website.

How soon before my wedding should I have my flowers delivered?

Most people have their flowers delivered 3 days before their wedding. This means that if your wedding is on a Saturday, the flowers would be delivered on Wednesday. This leaves enough time for the flowers to open and the arrangements to be made. 

Your wedding must be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday for our delivery times to work.

How are the flowers shipped?

The flowers are shipped overnight priority with Fedex and should arrive at your door by 10.30am the following morning. You will need to be there to accept the delivery. Our flowers are shipped in insulated packaging to keep them fresh. 

Where do you ship?

We currently offer free shipping to Toronto, London, Ottawa and Montreal. If you are located elsewhere, please contact us directly at info@laceandbloom.com to determine shipping options.

Other than the flowers, what else do I need to buy?

In addition to the flowers you will also need:

 - 5 Gallon Buckets

 - Flower Shears

 - Green Floral Tape

 - Bind Wire/Twine

 - Boutonnière Pins

 - Straight floral wire

 - 6" diameter Vases (if doing table centre pieces)

 - Ribbon (if desired)

Our assembly kits include everything except buckets, ribbon and vases. 

What do I need to do with the flowers when they arrive?

Remove all packaging from the flowers (except the cardboard packaging around roses). Fill the 5 gallon buckets with 4-6 inches of clean, room temperature water. Cut the the stems at a 45 degree angle about 1/2 inch from the base. Immediately place the flowers in the buckets of water and leave to hydrate for 12-24 hours. The remaining cardboard packing will need to be removed from the roses after 6-8 hours.

How long before my wedding should I place my order?

Most orders are placed 1-6 months before the wedding date. We need a minimum of two weeks (14 days) to process an order. If your wedding is less than 2 weeks away, we may still be able to help. Please contact us directly at info@laceandbloom.com with your requirements. Orders placed with less than 14 days to the wedding date are subject to flower availability and a $79 rush fee.

What happens if my shipment is late?

Though rare, delays can happen and push the delivery date back one business day. Our flowers are stored in insulated packaging and have ice packs included during the warmer months to keep them looking fresh. If you feel your flowers have been damaged due to additional time in transit, please send us photos of the damaged flowers immediately. 

What if the flowers are damaged?

Flowers will arrive looking tired and sleepy but it is very rare that they do not perk up after they have been stored in water. However, flowers are also a natural product and as such are subject to variation - not every flower will be perfect. If some of the stems are unusable, please send us photos within 24 hours of delivery and a partial refund will be issued for the unusable stems.

Can I order a single bouquet?

Unfortunately not. The cost of shipping means we need a minimum order size.

How fresh are your flowers?

All our flowers are cut to order. We do not hold any stock.

Can I cancel my order?

Absolutely. You can cancel your order up to 30 days in advance of the delivery date and you will receive a full refund less a 15% cancellation fee. 

How long does it take to make the flower bouquets?

It usually takes about 20 minutes to assemble the first bouquet. After you're familiar with the bouquet, you will be able to assemble them more quickly.